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How to avoid formatting your system every week

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How to avoid formatting your system every week

Post  taophique on Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:10 am


I know that there are lots of you people out there suffering from this problem. Your newly assembled/reformatted system is showing problems. Here are some help.


Simple, we people just like to install all sorts of programs, be it useful or otherwise. Whenever we see a newer software, we tend to download it as soon as possible. Please, this is not a good habit. Although installing the latest software can solve many issues, especially stability issues. Well, the simple rule is that we should only install the software we need, not what we want. It may seem tempting to get all the latest software, but do you know actually what does it do? I have a friend, lets call him T. He downloads lots of software, not knowing what he downloads, he installed a program called ClearXP. And it did literally "clearedXP" !! So, the moral of the story is that, please be sure on what you want to download.



- Update your Antivirus as often as possible. New viruses comes out very often, and when you visit warez site, you may also be picking up viruses unknowingly. Its a simple process, just launch your AV, and select Update. Your AV will visit its home site and download the needed updates. If you are using a system that has no internet access, download the update pack and perform a manual update. You should scan your system at least two days once.


- I know many of you cannot differentiate between an Antivirus and an AntiSpyware. As the name suggests, an AS, removes only SPYWARE. Install known AS programs like Spybot S&D. Install it. You will also need to download the update pack. Try to download the update pack once a new update is available. Run the AS about 3 days once.


- Install only required applications. You would not want to end up like my poor friend, do you? Please use reputated sites like download.com or oldversion.com.


- Update your drivers if and only if your current one has bugs. There is no point updating if your's is working fine, right? So, the rule of the thumb here is that, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


- This one I know most of us do, but do we know the dangers behind it? Please do not use illegal software. Doing so is not being fair to the producer of the software. People take months to develop a software, and you take a mere minute to download it. Respect their rights. If you cannot pay for original software, then use freeware. I know MS Office costs a bomb, but there is always OpenOffice. Or if MS XP is too expensive, then go Linux !


- Clean your system regularly. Use CCleaner. It is a proven program used to clean registry issues, cookies and many more. It can be downloaded from it official site, www.ccleaner.com

I hope that with all of this steps, you can avoid formatting your system. If you have any suggestions, do let me know. Thank You.

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